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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Forgive But Don't Forget

A wise man said that u should learn to forgive and forget. I did that A LOT.. but the thought of being the good one is no longer in my head. I mean.. how can u do somethin awful to a person and expect him/her to forgive and forget?

After a certain point in life.. i realize that i've been very forgiving.. but the truth is.. i never forget. And when the memory of it creeps back into my mind once in a while, i got angry. and most of the time.. i start to mess up. U dont simply break someone's heart and expect forgiveness from that person, do u?

Something happened during few days back. Something which totally drives me down the hill. But i can't still get it out of my head. My heart aches for every thought of it. it makes me sick. makes me wanna go jump off the hill.

and i wonder.. why am i coping with all these shits again? Someone needs to knock me in the head and show me how to live my life.. i do realize that this is not right.. But i don't have the guts to stand up for it.

I wish for more strength ahead.. so i can live thru it.. forgive those people around me.. and forget whatever they have ever done to me.

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