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Monday, June 29, 2009

They Say 'Ignorance Is Bliss'.. I say 'BULLSHIT!'

Firstly, aku nak ucapkan time kasih banyak² utk sume bday wishes. Tapi aku xde bnyk nak citer pasal bday aku pon sbb xde ape² yg special yg boleh aku selitkan kat sini. But then again, I'm always being thankful for what i have.. and had...

Well.. back in track.. aku slalu dengar org ckp.. if we tend to ignore what bothers us, we don't really feel the pain. Well.. FUCK OFF.. sape yg ckp tu mmg bodoh la.. I don't like being ignored. Even kalo aku buat salah, u can always ask for explanation. TALKING seems the best solution ever. Xyah nak tunjuk perasaan patahkan kusi meja ke... tumbuk cermin ke.. hancurkan pintu ke ape.. Aku cume penah kenal sorang je yg suke wat perangai haram camtu. Don't make me think that u're no different after all.

P/S: i'm not addressing this to anyone, nor am i comparing someone to anyone. Just a thought that crosses my mind. TQ.