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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Walk With Me..

I'm starting to wonder.. where does this path lead me to? I'm not hesitating to say that my ground is shaking. Send me someone that i can walk with.. No matter how hard it's gonna get. I'm in need of someone who truly cares. Someone who really shares. Someone who's really gonna be there to help me thru.

At times i fall.. At times i make mistakes.. All I'm asking is for someone who understands. Not someone who's being judmental of things that i do. I dont need another someone who keeps accusing without asking.

You wanted me to laugh with you. I did. You wanted me to cry with you. Hell! I did a lot... But you're taking more than giving. You never try to understand. You never asked for my reasons. The saddest thing of all, you NEVER REALLY LISTEN.

3 Hit(s):

ARm Myopia™ said...

ko ni jgn la sedih. nnt aku sedih.

da chill jom chill ngan aku. lepak same2

Qen said...

xsedey la. ok jek

fawa said...

let me walk with you

dun be sad mwahhh