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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Beginning Of A New Chapter

OK.. skang aku x pvtkan blog dah. Sbb aku malas kene login tiap² kali aku nak access blog aku. ehehe.. Tapi aku dah delete postings yg boleh mempertikaikan credibility aku.. and to YOU.. yes YOU!! Tlg jgn judge aku berdasarkan postings aku kat sini. Everything shared in here has nothing to do with me being a moderator. Suke hati aku la aku nak gune ayat camane pon. I don't give a damn of what u may think. What more important is what I THINK. Again.. i'm only human.. born to make mistakes. And i'm willing to learn from those mistakes. Don't think u like me? GET LOST!

4 Hit(s):

kip said...

wahh my qentaki goes international! now everyone can fly,, ekeke ;p

Ritz said...

At long last.. ;)

Qen said...

hahahaa meknonel.. wanna fly with me?

Qen said...

Ritz.. welcome :)