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Sunday, August 30, 2009

What Goes Around, Does Come Around.. INDEED!

Have u ever thought that whatever u do today, may get back to u in the future? I always thought i'd be the exception. I'm used to get whatever i wanted. I even got what i didn't want, but i had to be wanting it juz because to prove that I too, could own it.

In the way, the feelings of the others were the least of my concern.. thinkin that I could easily get away with anything. Well.. at least, most things.. That's what happens when u grow up being taught to cast whatever comes in the way.. to get to the top. Usually, the feeling of guilt would kick in only for a swift moment. When a new day arises, i'd totally be back in my 'heartless' condition. That's what i WAS.

A recent dilemma had made me realize that things do come back to u. In very,very unique ways. Hell, I didn't think that it'd hit me.. and it hit me hard.. Serves me right! I still gawk at the fact that this time around, it comes back juz the way i did it... with every little details.. The only difference is, it's the other way around. This time, i'm the prey.

I suddenly learn that in life, u won't always have things your way... but if u start giving, u'll always get it back..