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Thursday, January 14, 2010


On Saturday, 9th January 2010, my beloved grandfather had passed away peacefully after almost a week beeing in comma. He passed away in front of all his children and most of his grandchildren. It was a heartbreaking moment for everyone.. but at least, he did not suffer for long.

Frankly, it broke my heart to see my grandma in grief. She has lost a friend of almost 60years. I can't imagine the saddness that she still feels. I don't even dare to put myself in her shoes. I just pray that she'll embrace it as it is.. May Allah bless his soul. Al-Fatihah.

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capri said...

takziah dari aku..

pishangg said...


Anonymous said...

Qen...takziah drp kak azyma.. ALFATIHAH..

ArmaniWhite said...

takziah atas kehilangan..