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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Dear Bebot..

My Dear Bebot, (aku kene tuka name ko sbb nnti org tau ko sape).
I dont know where to start.. It's so freakingly scary to find out that we share the same story. Honestly, it hurts so bad to see u this way. I know exactly how u feel. I've been there n done that. Aku xtau nak suggest ape. Things are easier said than done. Org2 yg merase je tau feelings tu.

My Dear Bebot,
U've seen how i chose a different path, and how i learned the hardest way of how to walk thru it. I'm still walking thru it. I'm not sure whether u would want the same. Believe me, it sucks. I know u've come to a crossroad and dont know which path u wanna choose. Others would tell u to trust ur heart. But u have to decide of what u NEED.. not what u WANT.

My Dear Bebot,
Whatever path u choose, u know u're gonna have to pay for the other path that u're neglecting. It's gonna hurt for a while.. (well.. it may take longer). But, i can assure u, that we both are gonna find ways to walk out of it.

My Dear Bebot,
I took a pledge that i'll stick around with u..and here i am pledging the same thing. Now look, i cant help u to decide. But, no matter what ur decision is, i promise i'll be there for u. U'll always have me to confide in..

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d_tieah said...

Nk jd org pes..
> Huhuhuhu..
> Tacing gle bunyi nye..
> Ekekekeke..
> Btw, aku bjaye jd org pes bg komen, tu je..