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Friday, March 19, 2010


Sorry.. Saye sakitkan ati awk.. xyah la buat2 mcm xde ape2.. Xyah pretend as if nothing is going on cos the fact is we both know it, feel it.. Sorry sbb saye mcm x tentu arah.. saye pon xtau ape saye nak. Saye pon x tau hala tuju saye. I dont have something to hold on to anymore. I wake up every single fucking day juz for the sake of living.

I juz hope when all this is over, u'd still have the heart to forgive me, doesnt matter how the end would be. I juz need to let u know, while i still can, how important your role is in my life.. Sorry to drag u in this dip shit. I just dont know how to do this anymore. Suddenly, i'm not so good at what i had been doing well back then.

I'm losing control.. I messed things up.. i seriously fucked up big time. U dont deserve this from me. Damn i wish i could be the person u used to know. But i guess i'm juz not the old me anymore.

I know it's not fair for me to do this to u.. but i'm gonna have to ask u to stay away for a while. Give me some time to sort things out. I'm gonna need some time to be alone. I'm sorry..

2 Hit(s):

amie said...

asal nih..
asek sedey aja..
tanak la camni k?
lame dah tak epiepi cam before nih..
bukak blog ko asek bace yang sedey aja..
rindu nak bace yang epiepi..
hidop kene kuat..
aku tau ko kuat kan..

kip said...