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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Usher In Action ~07.07.10~

Our (My cousin and i) long awaited fav finally came over.. Sanggup ni bayar ticket mahal2 semate2 nak dok kat 'rock zone'.. We paid RM428 per ticket and were mong the first to purchase the tickets (~.~)

The opening act was performed by Izz.. which we didnt get to see cause the stupid security let us in a little bit late.. tapi xpe.. x penting pon. ehehe.. The second performance  was by Misz Nina. She sang 'What U Waiting For', but too bad Colby was not around..

The crowd went crazy cause Usher couldnt perfom till The Queen arrived! Dang!!

Misz Nina and crew

~ ~ ~

Usher performing 'Burn'. But i only managed to record the
 final half cos i forgot that i hav my camera with me :p

'Love In This Club'


'Oh My God'.. buy i only managed to record the frst half..
my camera chose to drain out its battery. Perfect timing :(

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