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Friday, November 26, 2010

Goodbye @15

Yes.. i've come to a long awaited turning point in my life. i've been dying to get this opportunity. After more than 6 years being a moderator on @15, this chance has finally hit me. However, leaving @15 is not something easy for me to do. It has been a part of me throughout the years. Well.. most part of me.. But this is what i have to. I want to.

To those who had helped me thru, a million thanx to all of u. Thank u for sticking around. No words can express how much i appreciate your presences. And to whom i may have hurt along the way, a trillion apologies i seek from u.

Tomorrow, Saturday, 27th November 2010, is going to be the last day i'll be playing the role of a moderator. (and hell i hope there wouldn't be any delay). Hehe.. I just hope tomorrow wont be a long day for me. Amiin..

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


saje nak bgtau yg saye masih hidup. Saye mcm malas nak wat posting sbb saye x suke template blog saye. kalau anda rajin nak buatkan design utk blog saye, sile la. hikhik