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Friday, January 27, 2012

Luck OR Chances?

When u're left with no choice in life, u HAVE to live with the only choice u have.. It's not about luck or freaking chances.. It's about to keep on surviving.. Sometimes u take chances, and sometimes u provide them.. It's in your hands. So don't freaking blame fate for whatever happens. Don't get this wrong.. Yes, u can't change the things that happened in the past.. but who says u can't try sculpting your future?

I really don't give a damn about the past.. neither of the current situation. Keeping my options opened, is not really an option for me.. It is what u need to do when, having options is not an option anymore.. It's a just a phase in life, but only the lucky ones would have to go thru it :)

.. and for those who are trying to take this as an opp or advantage, well..STOP! what makes u think i would turn back? why did u think i pushed my way out in the first place? don't push your luck.. u might end up crushing your face against the ground, AGAIN.. i will go thru this on my OWN terms.. i wanna move on, so should u.. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012


When you love someone so deeply, they become your life.. It's easy to succumb to overwhelming fears inside.. Blindly I imagined I could keep you under glass.. Now I understand to hold you, I must open my hands and watch you rise..

Spread your wings and prepare to fly.. For you have become a butterfly.. Fly abandonedly into the sun.. If you should return to me.. We truly were meant to be.. So spread your wings and fly, Butterfly..

I have learned that beauty has to flourish in the light.. Wild horses run unbridled, or their spirit dies.. You have given me the courage to be all that I can.. And I truly feel your heart will lead you back to me when you're ready to land..

I can't pretend these tears aren't overflowing steadily.. I can't prevent this hurt from almost overtaking me.. But I will stand and say goodbye.. For you'll never be mine.. Until you know the way it feels to fly..

So flutter through the sky, Butterfly.. Spread your wings and fly, Butterfly..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whatever u call this phase is..

Kept looking for answers.. Kept searching for reasons.. But the more i tried, the deeper i got into the trance.. every day when i woke up, stared into nothingness, and reality started to kick in, and realized i was falling deeper.

I'm done.. i'll stop looking for answers. i'll stop searching for reasons.. maybe this is just another turning point.. I'm succumbing to circumstances.. It doesn't really matter what awaits me in the future anymore. I'll just go wherever fate and time will take me..

Friday, January 13, 2012


It's been soooo looooong since the last post, I know.. It's not that i dont have stories to tell. It's just i'm trying to make it easy for everybody.. BTW, i've received an email from an old fren asking why i havent updated this personal space for so long.. honestly, i dont really know why.. :)

And as today, it's not that i really have the urge to write.. I'm just letting the old frens know that i'm still here. It's been a good time since the last update.. :)