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Friday, January 27, 2012

Luck OR Chances?

When u're left with no choice in life, u HAVE to live with the only choice u have.. It's not about luck or freaking chances.. It's about to keep on surviving.. Sometimes u take chances, and sometimes u provide them.. It's in your hands. So don't freaking blame fate for whatever happens. Don't get this wrong.. Yes, u can't change the things that happened in the past.. but who says u can't try sculpting your future?

I really don't give a damn about the past.. neither of the current situation. Keeping my options opened, is not really an option for me.. It is what u need to do when, having options is not an option anymore.. It's a just a phase in life, but only the lucky ones would have to go thru it :)

.. and for those who are trying to take this as an opp or advantage, well..STOP! what makes u think i would turn back? why did u think i pushed my way out in the first place? don't push your luck.. u might end up crushing your face against the ground, AGAIN.. i will go thru this on my OWN terms.. i wanna move on, so should u.. 

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Anonymous said...

Hai qen

Dinyotai Rock said...

Assalamualaikum qen apa khabar